2015-04-03 17:46 #0 av: retep

There is a field of happiness within everyone in the experience of transcendental consciousness -- the most silent level of our mind. By regularly contacting this field, we spontaneously develop and stabilize a state of happiness that is independent of the outer ups and downs of life. Transcendental Meditation is a direct means to experience this transcendental consciousness, and research on Transcendental Meditation shows a growth in positivity in all aspects of life.

This happiness is a state of being that is easily and effortlessly achieved because it is your own essential nature. Achieving this state of happiness is the basis for full enjoyment of all the other three types of happiness. It is like watering the root of a tree -- then the sap will nourish all aspects of the leaves and the branches. Maharishi explains that enlightenment dawns when this state of transcendental consciousness -- inner happiness -- is stabilized and experienced 24 hours a d